Monitoring Station

An alarm monitoring station or most commonly known as a central monitoring station (CMS), is a company that provides services to monitor burglar invasion, fire occurrence in residential or business premises. The monitoring station serves as a support system for critical event management devices, such as security alarm panels, crash detection devices, gas and temperature gauges, and even built-in video systems.

Access Security Solution’s monitoring station uses unique mobile lines and telephone, computer, radio channels, software, and trained staff to monitor customers’ security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the rise of emergent situations. Our business concept is based on electronic security solutions with an aim to provide our customers with the latest security concepts that are not only reliable and very economical but also highly effective.

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Features and Process of a Monitoring Station:
  • The monitoring station is examined continually for 24 hrs.
  • The monitoring station is operated by trained staff fully equipped with customized computer programs to identify the area of interference and provide help the operator with necessary information.
  • The aim is to offer information within a blink of seconds from when the detail of the incident is known to execute appropriate and suitable action.
  • The first signal sent by a customer’s control panel will forewarn monitoring staff at the station. The team mostly will call to report and get confirmation from a customer, whether it’s a real emergency or a false alarm.
  • If the response is affirmative regarding the emergency, the alarm monitoring service contacts the right agency to send out urgent situation personnel to the customer’s address.

Access Security Solutions’ monitoring station is UL certified outfitted to monitor most digital and GSM signal transmissions from most alarms and fire systems. We also provide video monitoring for CCTV systems.