Top Five Benefits of a Managed Home Security System

Top Five Benefits of a Managed Home Security System

There are several reasons why anyone could buy a managed home security system for their home. Most often, the reasons revolve around keeping one’s home and family safe while keeping uninvited guests out. Regardless, there are several benefits of a managed home security system. In this post, we highlight five benefits of a home security system and how to acquire one for your home.

Without a doubt, home security systems today can be considered an essential part of ensuring home safety and security. The wide range of security products and monitored services today help give homeowners peace of mind while away from home. Contrary to popular beliefs though, managed home security system prices have fallen significantly in recent years. This means practically everyone can get them for their home, apartment, or business.

What is a Managed Home Security System?

To answer this question, let’s first consider what a standard Home Security System is. Simply put, a home security system is a network of security products that operate to keep one’s home secure. This could include door and window access and alarms, automatically scheduled door locks, CCTV cameras, etc.

A Managed Home Security System on the other hand includes these security products with the added feature of being monitored remotely. This means if there is ever a break-in, monitored security services become activated to notify the homeowner and public safety personnel. Best of all, this service can be configured to include fire alarms, motion detection, gas leakages, unauthorized access, etc.

Five Benefits of a Managed Home Security System

As we mentioned earlier, there are several benefits of a managed Home Security System. In general, they can be an invaluable asset in keeping one’s home and family safe and secure. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Protection: They provide an extra layer of security by securing one’s home, notifying relevant authorities if there’s a break-in and recording such activities. Statistics have shown that the mere presence of home security solutions can serve as a deterrence to would-be intruders.
  2. Remote Monitoring: Another benefit of a managed home security system is its remote monitoring service. By acquiring automated, remote security monitoring, one can ensure that help comes even when one is unable to call for help directly. This can be especially helpful when one is unaware of a break-in, fire, gas leakage or other potential accident in one’s home. Interestingly, most remote monitoring services also allow homeowners access to a live feed of their home from any location.
  3. Convenience: Like we said earlier, most home security systems offer the convenience of notifying owners and authorities when there is a breach. This convenience can give one assurance that one’s home is protected, without needing to constantly monitor it oneself.
  4. Increased Peace of Mind: As you can imagine, the convenience of a monitored security system also gives one peace of mind that if anything happens, the damage will be minimal at most.
  5. Reduce Energy Consumption: Besides securing a home, monitored home security systems can also help reduce energy consumption by turning lights off when not in use, or turning heating and other air conditioning systems off when away from home. They can also be set up to alert homeowners when windows or doors are open and hence reduce heat loss from the home during summers and winters.

As an added benefit, home security systems are usually made up of sensors, lights, cameras, alarms, and control panels. When configured correctly, these systems can form the foundation of a home automation system, or Smart Home that can be controlled electronically. In other words, one could also control lights, music, heating, security, and other home appliances from the same system.

Things to consider before Buying a Managed Security System for your Home

As we’ve seen, there are several benefits of a managed home security system. If you are one of the millions of homeowners in the market today for one, here are some tips that could help. For example, you may wonder what specifications you should consider before selecting a home security system. In this section, we will discuss four factors that should be considered before making such a purchase:

  1. Protection Level: First, one must decide on the level of security needed for your home. For example, do you only need CCTV cameras and access alarms or do you want something more elaborate? Also, considerations need to be made for security gaps that may occur and ways to cover up such loopholes.
  2. Budget: Another factor to consider is of course, one’s budget. For example, would you prefer a one-time paid security package or a recurring monthly security service? Most managed home security systems usually require a recurring monthly or annual fee. One’s budget could also determine the quantity and quality of security components eventually installed in one’s home.
  3. Installation Method: Another interesting factor to consider is how your home security system will be installed. For example, would you prefer a self-installable solution to one that is installed and monitored professionally?
  4. Connection Method: The final factor we will discuss on things to consider before buying a managed home security system is the connection method. For most homes, wired and wireless options are available. However, while wired solutions tend to be more secure, they could also be more expensive.

Without a doubt, the benefits of a managed home security solution are enormous. Considering that prices for these services have dropped significantly, many more home owners have begun to embrace them to protect their homes and families. Access Security Solutions LLC provides professional home and business security solutions to help homeowners make the best choice to protect their homes and businesses.

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