Ways to Improve your Building’s Access Control System

Ways to Improve your Building’s Access Control System

Keys used to be the primary way people gained access to a building. For the longest time, buildings used the jumbo lock and key to manage access control. Today’s property owners are looking for something to help them control and manage those who come into the building, and they also want to ‘monitor and manage’ the access. Similarly, access control systems control who should and should not access a building or a facility. They have now been superseded by computer-based electronic access control systems, which offer authorized personnel a quicker, more convenient access method. They prevent unauthorized people from staying out of the building.

 A building’s access control systems are developed to ensure the safety of individuals within the premises. An outstanding feature of an access control system is to assure that only authorized individuals are permitted entry to definite areas of an infrastructural building. Effectually installing an access control system can enable building management to control who is accessing their amenities, ensuring overall safety for all. Whether residential or commercial, entities must keep their residents and assets safe by having an active system. 

Building management can follow security measures that can be kept up-to-date by considering the points listed below:

1. Evaluate the usefulness of your system

First and foremost, one should inspect the fundamental purpose of their system and whether the current security system is adequately providing that. A significant aspect to consider is the location of the control systems and whether it protects the individuals and their assets.

2. Inspect Who Has Access

Numerous building premises face issues with several active access cards. Due to this, the system reflects more number of residents residing within the premise. Such errors can be anticipated across buildings and commercial properties, although management can avoid this by setting features to timeout the cards. These situations can be as follows:

  • If the card is not used, the access is shut off at the building within a prearranged time.
  • If there is no sign of activity, the access is automatically turned off after a certain period of inactivity, making it a self-expiration card. 
  • Connect the card to the building management or human resources databases for record-keeping.

Individuals should swipe their access cards to keep track of entry and exit from a building premise. In addition, if they don’t leave out the right door, they can be denied access the next time they try to enter.

3. Upgrade your technology

If your building’s access control system is 125-kilohertz technology, it is outdated; it is suggested to update it according to current technological standards. Building security managers should begin installing encrypted technology preferably. Typically, an access control system should be updated every ten years and considered a one-time investment.

4. Periodically test the system.

Management should test a building management system’s functionality on a monthly or quarterly basis. The periodic examination will ensure decent functionality and allows security managers to organize any possible adjustments required well in advance.

5. Lookout for tailgating.

Respectfully holding open the door when asked is a common custom but can lead to potential risks more than one can imagine. Property management should educate members of the building to observe who they are opening the door for. A frequent assumption is that detouring an authenticated security system is challenging, which often leads to complacency and casualness, so management should implement multiple layers of security to manage with tailgating.

The safety of occupants on the premises is uniformly essential to concealing valuable assets and property itself. Access control systems are imperative to prevent the theft of useful objects and quashing threats to the safety of residents. 

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