5 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Planning a vacation after long-duration quarantine, lockdown, and several restrictions due to the pandemic can be exciting. With all this excitement, it is pretty easy to forget what you are leaving behind. The feeling of something left undone does not kick in until you get to the airport and question yourself

  • Did I lock the door?
  • Are there any plugged-in appliances?
  • Is the garage door open?

You need to ensure that your house is secure before you take off so that you can travel with maximum assurance and peace of mind. Apart from installing a top-grade home security system, the following home security guidelines will help ensure that you do not return to any unpleasant surprises.

home security system

1. Install Access Home Security System

It is a known fact that about 60% of burglars influence their decision to target a different home in the presence of a home security system. If you do not want a burglar holding an iron lever standing in the middle of an empty street, you can invest in a security system. With a sound home security system, you can drive away potential burglars by lynching security signs on your property and install surveillance cameras at entry points.

 2. Lock the Doors and Windows

Locking up doors and windows might seem too obvious to bring up, but it is reported that about 40% of burglars enter through unlocked doors. Windows are also weak points of access, so it is imperative to keep them locked not only on ground level but also on the upper floors.

3. Temporary Stoppage of Trash, Deliveries, and Mail

Burglars will notice that your house is empty, and it is an easy opportunity for them to procure items from your home if they detect a pile of unread newspapers by the door or mailbox is full. Suppose you have a good rapport with your neighbors, and they do not mind clearing your mailbox from newspapers or waiting for the arrival of your parcels. In that case, it is best to stop or postpone your regular deliveries until you return from vacation.

4. Be Mindful About What You Share On Social Media 

Social media sure does consume our daily lives more than we are aware. For instance, sharing online details of the place you just visited, having brunch with a group of friends, and staying over at a friend’s home are such details we give out unknowingly that can be easily misused by people. Although it is incredibly tempting to post details about your vacation on social media to make your friends and family jealous, doing so could lure criminals to your home. It is advised and best to wait until you get back to post vacation-related photos on social media.

5. Unplug your electrical appliances

You must make it a point to turn off your dishwasher, television, oven, and computer when not in use. Also, ensure to turn off other electrical appliances and check the electric wiring before you leave. Furthermore, unplugging electrical appliances will help you save power, as, unfortunately, most devices have default engineering that consumes energy even when not in use. 

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